- encounter through music

"A fine medium creates communication of the same kind"


The society makamhane gives place for encounters beyond culturel fronttiers through the help of artistic skills. The attitude behind this is holsitic and supports the diversity and the synergy between culture and human. And through that integration on different levels becomes possiple, interpersonal and inwardly.




Music - which can be practized indepented of cultural background- serves hereby as a door to the heart and becomes a linking medium of shared interests, beyond national and religious differences.





The concept of the makamhane is based on a organic structure, which has its life through personal engagement and ideas of different people. Startingpoint is the universal and integrative essence of music with all its specific and cultural forms of expression, as like makam-music, which is often the center of the projects.





projects and activities:

imparting and teachings makam-music:

  • concerts
  • imparting of single- and grouplessons for beginners
  • organisation of workshops leaded by mastermusicians for advanced students
  • lectures around makam-music and their cultural surroundings
  • open puplic music-rehearsals every week
  • ensemblework with concerts


Cooperation and linking musicgroups and societies with main emphasis on culture and integration
  • Support of local cooperations in the urban area
  • with the Vereinsplattform Ottakring, and with the muncipal council for diversity and integration MA17,vienna
  • connecting projects with religious communities, and with the Religionenforum Ottakring
  • cooperation with the State Conservatoriom Istanbul
  • musicianplatform




by the way:

Integration through music
is the dissertation of Sonja Siegert, founding member of the makamhane, analyzed and documented the activities of the makamhane from the socialanthropolgic point of view.

This german written work is as a PDF.(4,4MB) downloadable:




Forum of interests

  • Informationcenter
  • Musicarchiv (audio- and film, notes, specialists literature)
  • musical studies, instrument theory
  • Development of notation for makam-Music
  • imparting artistic forms in the cultural sourounding of the makam-music
  • scientific activities of researches in cooperation with institutes like the Orientalistic, Musicology, Culture- and Socialanthropology and other organizations